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Electric Hybrid & City Bikes A Buyers Guide to E-Hybrids.

Electric Hybrid & City Bikes Buyers Guide

The enjoyment of cycling never goes away. However, sometimes the mind is willing but the flesh is weak - whether through injury, lack of practice or simply time itself. We all find a point where a little help is nice, and this is where e-bikes come in. With the assistance of a simple motor and battery, you can enjoy cycling with renewed passion. Riding a bike is an excellent way to get fitter and lose weight, and it's low impact on joints and muscles.

Even if you've never cycled before but like the idea of embracing two wheels, the extra help really does make a difference and sets the path towards a cycling filled life.

Hybrid e-bikes, sometimes called 'city e-bikes' or 'town and trekking e-bikes,' are just like standard hybrid bikes (the word 'hybrid' refers to their suitability for tarmac and off-road riding, rather than a hybrid source of energy!). They're suitable for riding on the roads, and can also cope with light off-road use, such as canal paths and bridleways. Some have a front fork with a little suspension to absorb the bump when riding over rough ground, and others have a rigid fork. Some models come fully equipped with mudguards, pannier racks and even in-built lights and a lock. Your position on the bike can range from very upright, to a sportier position, depending on your comfort and preference.

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The future of cycling

Benefits of embracing the future of cycling

It's no secret, electric bikes are the future: indeed, millions of ordinary people in mainland Europe - commuters, parents on the school run, shoppers, retired folk - are riding e-bikes as part of their daily life. The benefits of e-bikes are many, and easily outweigh the limited downsides.

  • Travel further, faster - with a swift kick of the motor, you're easily up to a steady cruising pace, regardless of your physical ability, making e-bikes ideal for the less able, or for those who would like to take on a longer ride without arriving exhausted
  • Save money - the running costs of an e-bike are practically nothing - as low as £5 a year!
  • Keep up with others - best of all, if you like riding with other people, the e-bike levels the playing field, so there is no more 'stop and wait' by the fitter party
  • Get fit and healthy - while having a bike with a motor may sound like you won't be putting any effort in, you will. Electric bikes are a great way to build strength and fitness gently, without unnecessary stress on joints and muscles
  • Are there any downsides to electric bikes?

    If you're considering an electric bike, it's worth thinking about the following factors. The first and obvious one is range. Just like electric cars, e-bikes can only go so far before you need to down tools and plug them in. Luckily, unlike cars, the electric bike has a comparatively large range on a like-for-like basis. Most electric bikes will last at least 15 miles, even when ridden in hilly terrain. Many factors determine the range of an e-Bike and will depend on a number of factors, including your weight and fitness level, the terrain, and the bike itself. Ride sensibly and you'll have to ride quite a distance before the motor finally dies. If this should happen, then you can, of course, still ride the bike.

    The increased weight of electric bikes is a further factor to consider. Once you're riding, this is easily countered by the additional assistance, but it is worth thinking about where you'll store your e-bike, and how you'll lift it in and out. There's also the slight inconvenience of plugging your bike in when you get home - but these days, we're all used to plugging in our phones to charge, and you'll soon get into the habit of it.

    Lastly, there's the fact that some young'un on a racing bike might get embarrassed as you glide past. Although you may not see this as a downside!