E-bikes and Body Geometry

Fitting your E bike to your own unique cycling style

Is it cheating to use an E-bike?

E-bike body geometry

What is body geometry and does it only apply to professional riders? Is it just another way to sell something on top of the bike itself? Am I restricted in how much I can customize my E bike? The answer to all of these questions is simply "No" and over the next 2 minutes we'll explain why.

When we cycle, our limbs roll, swivel, push and pull as they drive our bikes forward. Easing some of the unnecessary pressure this can generate on our limbs is just one of the many important reasons for employing body geometry and bike fitting. Now it is true, the electric bicycle already does a lot to relieve some of the effort in getting us moving, but do the usual benefits of a proper bike fitting still apply, or even work, with an e bike?

Why do we even have body geometry?

Body geometry developed over time as a process for finely tuning our bikes to fit our own personal needs. By ergonomically fitting bikes to our unique body sizes we can reduce the strain we undergo and simultaneously improve the efficiency of any energy used when cycling.

It all started as an attempt to help alleviate any unnecessary issues caused by the way bikes - and saddles in particular - were designed. In 1997 Dr. Irwin Goldstein raised concerns about the impact that saddles had on blood flow. This gave rise to a series of research projects and experiments by a number of bike brands, the outcome of which was a hugely positive step for cycling. It resulted in the first medically designed saddle in 1998 - which went on to sell over half a million units!

Since 1997 there has been a wealth of scientific research into the field body geometry and the results are pretty conclusive. A detailed and accurate bike setup can significantly enhance your power, endurance and comfort whilst reducing any potential issues that can arise from ongoing, intensive or prolonged cycling.

So does any of this apply to E bikes?

The straight answer is yes! To quote Philip Harper, our resident E bike guru based out of our Whitwell store near Oakham "E bikes are first and foremost bikes". This mantra applies as much to E bike body geometry as anything else. So all of the adjustments you would typical expect to make to a standard mountain or road bike can also be made on an E bike.

How does E bike body geometry work?

Philip's mantra applies here too. Visiting any of Rutland Cycling's specialised body geometry studios (in Whitwell or Peterborough) means you can have your electric bicycle adjusted to suit your cycling style in exactly the same way a traditional bike would. The studios boast a state of the art space for riders to enjoy a full, personalised bike fit experience along with high definition video capture and Retül Müve dynamic bike fits.

With this level of detail, fully trained staff are capable of mapping the finest details of our cycling nuances so that E bikes can be adjusted to work sympathetically with our own styles. This important detail was highlighted by Scott Holz in an interview with Bike radar magazine when he explained that many people get sized but far fewer actually get fitted. He goes on to explain that sizing is the process of taking and applying measurements whilst fitting is actually customising a bike to an individual's specific needs.

Andy Pruitt, the founder of the Boulder Centre for Sports Medicine, goes even further and explains that many companies offering modern bike fitting services are simply offering sizing help and that the application of expert, trained knowledge is what turns it into a detailed and accurate fit. It is this exact sort of expertise and trained knowledge that we offer here at Rutland Cycling.

Is it cheating to use an E-bike?

Key areas in E bike body geometry & bike fitting:

The right saddle for you.

In the words of Andy Pruitt "Right saddle, wrong place, may as well be the wrong saddle."

Shoe fitting

Analysis into shoe requirements — Considering the importance of your feet as a contact point between you and the bike.

Pedal stroke

Adjusting the cleat positioning to improve your pedal stroke

Body Size

Saddle height (fore and aft)

Height relevance

Stem length and stem height

Ride Analysis

HD video capture which allows us to analyse your riding nuances and styles

A Full & Proper Bike Fit

Ride better, more comfortably, for longer.

What are the benefits of E bike body geometry?

E bikes are all about fun and performance. By having your E bike tailored to your specific needs means an increase in power — no, not from the battery - but from your own efforts once you take the bike past its maximum output support! After you've had your E bike adjusted and fitted it takes about a week to really get to grips with whether or not the changes have been positive. This is why our own bike fitting services are always followed up 2 weeks later.

You'll also enjoy a much more comfortable and efficient ride — hey, if you're going to make the most of the assisted power an e bike brings, you may as well enjoy a more effective ride once you're above its power assist range!

One particular area in which e bikes really come into their own is injury recovery. The power assist that E bikes offer help to alleviate some of the initial torque/resistance when getting a bike started. Complimenting this with a set up that alleviates unnecessary strain or pressures points is a no brainer!

Where can I get my E bike body geometry set up?

We have specialised Body Geometry studios set up in both our Whitwell and Peterborough stores. At both venues you'll receive personal advice, in depth knowledge, a warm welcome and above all a complete and professional body geometry service.

There's no doubt that a full and proper bike fitting service makes a huge difference in improving your cycling. It is for this reason that we recommend the same approach for e bikes as we do with any traditional bikes. Get in touch and talk to us today about arranging to have your full E bike fitting service.