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FIRST LOOK | Raleigh Motus Range Review

Equipped with all the bells and whistles from out of the box, the Raleigh Motus has been completely remodelled with comfortable, effortless and stylish Urban cycling in mind. With the range designed at the home of Raleigh in Nottingham, these hybrid electric bikes are specced to tackle the streets of Great Britain.


Whilst being sleek compared to the older model, the new generation of Raleigh Motus also has more options to choose from when it comes to specification. This means that there is a Motus for everyone… whether you want to commute, do the weekly shop or head out on a leisurely grand tour.


Sleek, stylish and sophisticated

In comparison to earlier models, the 2022 rejuvenated Raleigh Motus is noticeably more appealing to the eye and this is thanks to the seamless integration of the battery and the frame. At a passing glance, the bike is unidentifiable as being an electric bike which will give added peace of mind for when the bike is parked whilst you’re at work.

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With urban riding in mind and the bikes aimed at a wide market, Raleigh have ensured that the Motus range comes fully equipped for every urban scenario you might encounter. It’s no secret that the British weather has a mind of its own so to tackle this, you have a set of mudguards to stop the spray from the roads. For commuting, shopping and carrying around your essentials, a rear pannier rack has been fitted which will cater for all your needs.


As for the finishing kit, the Raleigh Motus has been designed to be “as comfortable as the car” whilst being a more sustainable transport solution. To make it comfortable, you will have a small amount of suspension travel upfront which helps soak up the harsh impact of potholes, cobbled roads and roots. At the rear, riders have a suspension seatpost which absorbs and disperses vibrations from the rear of the bike, which ultimately allows you to be more comfortable and stay in the saddle for longer.


To finish off the fleet, certain models are equipped with Shimano Nexus hub gears which allows the rider to have a hassle free ride without having to worry about what gear they’re in. Nexus hub gears allow the rider to change up or down gears without moving the cranks. This means that if you find yourself at a set of traffic lights in completely the wrong gear, you can efficiently shift downwards without having to move.

Integrated battery
Bosch Display

The Electronics

When it comes to the electrical side of things, Bosch has that all taken care of. The range of hybrid e-bikes are equipped with Bosch active line plus motors which produce 50Nm of torque - plentiful for going grocery shopping without breaking a sweat. On the battery side, things are taken care of as riders have the choice of a 400Wh battery on most models or a 500Wh battery on the GT models which are perfect for venturing out, seeing the world and still having enough juice to get home.


At the heart of the electrics is an easy to read and intuitive Bosch display which allows you to view your speed, battery life, estimated range, odometer and much more. From the display, you can also manually turn on your lights at the click of a button and these lights are built into the bike and efficiently run off of the battery.

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