Best ebikes under £2000

What are the best Electric bikes for under £2000

Since the very first electric bikes entered the market in the 1990s, they have been refined into incredibly versatile machines that we see on the roads and down the trails today. With so many specifications available: Different motors and batteries, frame shapes and componentry, it can be difficult to choose the model for you. Here at Rutland Cycling, we have been at the forefront of the E-bike movement and want to ensure that you receive the best budget electric bike to suit your lifestyle!

Welcome to our list of Best budget electric bikes under £2,000!


How do Electric bikes work?

Electric bikes are powered by motors located in the hub of the rear wheel or in more modern times, between the cranks. Mid motors are often deemed as superior over the traditional hub motor simply due to the weight distribution being 50/50 as well as being placed lower which inevitably ensures that your bike handles better. Alongside the handling benefits, Mid motors are usually more powerful as the motor is driving the cranks which multiplies the power before it reaches the rear wheel.

Furthermore, the motor will receive its power from a battery which will often be stored on the downtube of the e-bike or on the seat stay depending on the geometry of the model. If this is your first electric bike, it might seem frightening at first at the thought of wrapping your head around the motorised system. However, this isn't the case as most electric bikes come with an "easy to read" LCD screen which gives you full control of your new bike.

We recommend that electric bikes also receive a yearly service whereby the bike is fully stripped down and rebuilt to ensure that the motor system is working as efficiently as when you first purchased the bicycle. Regular maintenance that you would carry out on a mechanical bike still applies to Electric bikes just to ensure that the parts are longer lived.

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But wait! Best E-Bikes Under £1000? It is possible

Yes! It's possible to find an ebike for under a grand (and only slightly over). If you're looking for an entry-level e-bike or a kids e-bike, then it is possible to bag yourself a bargain.

We do have a Levit Chilo in at the minute which is a budget-busting £892.49

best ebikes under £2000
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