Guide to Gazelle Bikes: Mechanical & electric

Words by Kathryn Dickinson

on 24/06/2020 11:22:00


Gazelle - or Royal Dutch Gazelle, to give them their full name - have been designing and manufacturing quality bikes for over 125 years, with their range today including everything from trekking bikes to city bikes and more recently, electric bikes. We're going to take a closer look at the brand and their range of bikes to understand what makes Gazelle bicycles so special.

Who are Gazelle?

Gazelle started in 1892 as a two-man company producing three different bicycles and has now developed into the largest Dutch bicycle brand selling over 250,000 bicycles a year. All Gazelle bikes are still assembled in their factory in Dieren and in 2015, Gazelle opened their brand new factory right next to the original building. In 2018, Gazelle celebrated their 15-millionth bike being built.

Sustainability is at the forefront of the Gazelle business plan, with the company constantly seeking new opportunities to and reduce their impact on the environment, as well as working with cycling safety groups to prevent the number of accidents on the roads. Find out more about the history and corporate social responsibility of Gazelle here.


What can you expect from Gazelle?

Gazelle build their bikes in the classic Dutch bike style, designed with comfort and functionality in mind. This upright, comfortable position relieves strain on the back that can be associated with some bike positions.

With mudguards, integrated lights, chain guards and racks, Gazelle bikes are perfect for getting around town or commuting by bike.The Gazelle e-bike range takes all of those components and adds motor assistance to help you along on your journey - arriving at your destination quickly, and in comfort.

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Gazelle mechanical bikes

Gazelle CityGo

The CityGo range is perfect for busy cities. The low-step, robust aluminium frame has an upright riding position and adjustable position for all-day comfort. Prepared for anything, the CityGo comes with dynamo-powered front and rear integrated lights, a ring lock and a chain lock (stored in its own handy storage compartment), full-length mudguards and a rear rack. With reliable and low maintenance 3-speed hub gears it'll be ready to ride day in, day out.

Gazelle CityGo C3 Hybrid Bike

Gazelle Orange C7+

Much like the CityGo, the Orange C7+ comes ready for urban riding. With a 7-speed hub gear drivetrain, the Orange C7 is low maintenance while still providing a wide spread of gears to make your riding comfortable whatever the terrain. For even more comfort, the front suspension fork and sprung seatpost will take the sting out of rougher road surfaces and trails. To tackle the urban environment and daily commute, this range comes with integrated lights, mudguards, chain guard, ring lock and rear rack.

Gazelle Orange C7+ Hybrid Bike

Gazelle Vento C7

The perfect companion for city riding, the Vento C7 has a low-step frame design making it easy to hop on and off whenever you need. With mudguards, rear rack and integrated lock and lights it has everything you need to get around town, while the front suspension fork and sprung seatpost will sure you get from A to B in comfort.

Gazelle Vento C7 Hybrid Bike

Gazelle Chamonix C8

With a sportier ride position that doesn't sacrifice comfort, and 8-speed internal hub gears, the Chamonix can take you around town - and beyond. The lightweight frame is easy to handle and wIth luggage carrying capability, integrated lights and lock, and mudguards you'll be ready to ride in safety and comfort.

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Gazelle electric bikes

Gazelle CityGo

With all the fantastic features of the mechanical CityGo, this electric version gives you an extra boost when you need it! The mid-mounted Shimano STEPS motor provides assistance on both flat and hilly terrain, and the removable downtube battery provides a range of up to 120 miles.

Gazelle CityGo C7 Electric Bike

Gazelle Ultimate

One of Gazelle's sleekest looking electric bikes, the Ultimate uses Bosch's PerformanceLine motor and integrated downtube 500wh battery with a range of up to 155 miles. A top of the range e-bike, the Ultimate uses hydraulic brakes to ensure safe stopping. With integrated lights, lock, mudguards and rear rack, this could be the bike that replaces the car for your daily commute.

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