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Bike Fitting

Ride Faster. For Longer.

  • Tailored 2-3 hour consultation
  • Appointments available every day
  • Purpose built, private studio
  • Fully certified, experienced bike fitters
  • Retül Vantage 3D Motion Capture System
  • HD video capture analysis
  • Retül Müve dynamic bike
  • Full report and follow up

Who is it recommended for?

  • Competitive cyclists
  • Cyclists looking to improve their performance
  • Those training for a sportive, triathlon or long distance ride
  • Those buying their first bike, or upgrading to a better bike
  • All disciplines, including road and MTB


"The results have been brilliant every time I get on the bike I feel my strength has improved and my range increases. The gains are much more noticeable compared to the pre-fit setup. I took part in the surrey 46 and completed in 2:40 and to be honest felt I had loads left in me at the finish. I've signed up for the Surrey 100 next year. The pain I was getting through my left knee has gone."


What is Retül Fit?

The purpose of a Retül Fit is to make you more comfortable and more efficient on your bike - ultimately meaning you can ride faster and for longer!

Our purpose-built Retül Fit studios, at Whitwell, Peterborough, Nottingham & Milton Keynes, offer a dedicated space for a relaxed fit experience - all the technology and tools needed for a fit session are found here. We are proud to be one of a select group of UK retailers offering the new Retül Vantage three-dimensional motion-tracking tool on a Retül Müve dynamic fit bike, which now takes the experience of a bike fit to a whole new level.

If you cycle regularly, you can benefit from our bespoke Bike Fit service. The concept of tuning your bike is popular with competitive cyclists, but our service is just as relevant if you enjoy hitting the trails on your mountain bike, commuting to work or touring the countryside.

What is included in a Retül Bike Fit session?

5 Steps to your perfect fit

During the two to three hour session, we focus on the unique connection between your body and the bike. We'll adjust your bike with the help of our state-of-the-art Vantage 3D motion capture system, Müve bike and fit expertise to make your bike fit you as an individual. Following a fit you will be able to ride faster, further, more comfortably and much more efficiently.


Step 1 - Interview

Your fitter will talk to you about your riding experience, goals, injury history and any other relevant questions to understand your needs as a rider.

Step 2 - Physical Assessment

Our fit expert will then conduct a number of tests to build a picture of your muscular/skeletal strength and flexibility. This comprehensive 18-step process is crucial to understanding ride position and supporting equipment.


Step 3 - Ride Analysis

Here is where our fit expert combines his knowledge with the use of the Vantage 3D Motion Catpure system to assess your position on our dynamic Retül Müve bike.

While you ride the Vantage system will measure your movement in three dimensions simultaneously, thanks to a series of LEDs that are attached to your body via a wireless harness. Stroke by stroke these LED markers are capturing real-time data within 1mm of accuracy (40x more accurate than other motion capture technologies), providing the fitter with incredibly precise data to enable him to fine-tune your riding position.

The Vantage tool analyses every key movement point, including knee and hip angle at numerous points in your pedal stroke and movement patterns of the knee in the forward, aft, side-to-side, and downward motions, allowing your fitter to correct any imperfections quickly and accurately.

Step 4 - Fitting

The state-of-the-art technology doesn't finish here though, as thanks to something called the "Zin tool" your fitter will have access to data from thousands of bike fittings, allowing them to compare your data to the historical "gold standard" for a number of riding positions and adjust accordingly.

The fitter will be able to adjust a number of positions while you ride the Retül Müve Bike, such as saddle height, saddle fore/aft position, stem length (reach), and stem height (drop).

In the end your saddle selection and position, shoes, footbeds, cleat position, and handlebar position will all be optimized to suit the demands of your body. To determine your perfect saddle we use tools like our new digital saddle width measuring device, to precisely assesse your sitbone width.

Your "zin" bike measurements then ensure the fitter has a precise set of data to perfect the position of your bike. These adjustments can be made quickly by the fitter; in the time it takes you to browse our store or have a coffee, your new bespoke fitting bike will be ready.


Step 5 - Follow Up

At the conclusion of the process, our fitter will schedule a four to six week follow-up call to review your adaptation to the new position, answer your questions, and provide guidance on how to get the most out of your ride.

Immediately after the fit you will also receive a detailed PDF report document by email. This report contains all the exact zin measurements we have recorded in the process, as well as data about your goals, physical evaluation and photos of your riding position. Scribbled down bike measurements on a piece of paper are a thing of the past - in fact this data can be transferred to any bike in the future, zin measurements are here to stay!

Retül Body Geometry Custom Footbeds

Replacing the footbeds in your shoes is often overlooked, but this simple change can increase both power and endurance on the bike. Thanks to a brand-new piece of in-store technology, Retül's Fütbed vacuum moulding tray, we can now create custom footbeds in less than 45 minutes, helping to align your knees, hips and feet and add support to the arch of your foot.

Retül have combined this process with Specialized Body Geometry insoles to create the perfect customised cycling footbed, allowing you to feel the benefit in terms of comfort, support and power transfer.

This process works seamlessly with a full Retul Vantage 3D motion capture fit, or can be performed as a standalone process — either way the process is the same:


Step 1 - Foot Assessment

First the fitter will conduct a number of foot assessments, measurements and tests, to develop an understanding of your arch height, flexibility and whether there is any calf tightness. The fitter will next get you to sit on the elevated seat and place your feet in the foot tray, adjusting the height of the seat until your hip, knee and ankle joints are all at 90 degrees.

Step 2 - Fütbed vacuum moudling tray

The fütbed system utilises an oscillator and vacuum to move a number of glass beads throughout the tray to capture heel cup, forefoot and most importantly your arch position. Once the tray is set, you will take your feet out and the fitter will heat up a footbed of your size to set into the tray.


Step 3 - Heating the custom footbed

The fitter will now lay the heated footbed back into the tray mould and get you to place your feet onto the footbed whilst it cools for 2-3 minutes. Once this process is complete you will see a nicely shaped footbed starting to take shape.

Step 4 - Adding support & trim

The next step is for the fitter to "post" the footbed, which provides extra support and a flat platform in the heel of the shoe. The fitter will determine which size of post to use, based on his understanding of how much support your arch can tolerate — a more flexible arch can tolerate much more support than a rigid arch. Once the post is attached the fitter can begin to trim the custom footbed to fit your shoes — using your existing footbeds as a guide.


Step 5 - The perfect fit

After the fitter has placed your new custom insoles inside your shoes, they will ask you to jump onto your bike, or our Retül Müve bike, to test the comfort of the footbed while you ride. They can then make any adjustments until you feel you have the perfect fit. Adjustment to the footbeds often takes a few weeks of real riding conditions, allowing time for your body to adapt.

When should I get a bike fit?

Whether you're buying your first bike, upgrading to a faster ride or setting new goals, a Bike Fit session is a most worthwhile investment.

For the first-time buyer, understanding the measurements of your body and how that relates to the correct bike position set-up is crucial. If you can select a bike that better fits you from the very beginning, your foray into the world of cycling will be much more efficient and enjoyable. We can adjust our Retül Müve bike to the exact configuration of any bike that you are considering, and allow you to feel the characteristics of a number of bikes in one sitting.

If you're looking to upgrade your ride, or increase your training volume or intensity, a proper bike fitting is a wise investment. In addition to the bike fit service on our Retül Müve bike, we will analyse your performance on your own bike, or any bike that you are considering to purchase. This will help maximise the efficiency and power of your riding, and reduce the chances of injury if you are adapting to a new training programme.


Retül Vantage

The Vantage 3D motion capture tool creates a dynamic real-time model of your riding position and measures any changes with millimetre precision. This allows our fitter to make quick, data-driven adjustments.


Motion Capture

A series of LED's gather rich intelligence, measuring joint angles throughout the pedal stroke. This means that it will be recording, and averaging, the entirety of your body alignment, at numerous points of each revolution.


Retül Müve Bike

The Müve bike is incredible in itself as it enables our fitter to replicate any bike position, no matter how unique. The fitter can easily make immediate adjustments on the move and these details can then be transferred to your bike.


Zin Tool

The "Zin tool" provides our fitter with access to data from thousands of bike fittings, allowing them to compare your data to the historical "gold standard" for a number of riding positions and adjust accordingly.


Data-Driven Results

Immediately after the fit you will also receive a detailed report document. Scribbled down bike measurements on a piece of paper are a thing of the past - indeed bike fit data can be transferred to any future bike.


New Studios

Our purpose-built studios, at Whitwell, Peterborough & Nottingham now offer this unique fitting experience. At Rutland we are proud to be one of a select group of UK retailers offering the new 3D Retül Vantage motion-tracking fit tool.

Prices & Booking

Available exclusively at our Whitwell, Peterborough, Nottingham & Milton Keynes studios.

  • Pre-fit interview and physical assessment
  • Ride analysis with Retül Vantage 3D motion capture technology
  • Bike Adjustments, with Retül Müve
  • Adjustments to a number of touchpoints including saddle, shoes, cleats & bars.
  • Comprehensive Bike fit report
  • Four to six week follow up

A quick look at your riding position. Making basic adjustments to key areas on the bike can make cycling more comfortable, safer and can even improve performance.

A setup service includes the following:

  • Saddle Height
  • Fore-aft
  • Bar Position

For a more detailed fit or more complex requirements [such as injury or rehabilitation] we recommend a full bike fit.

Available exclusively at our Whitwell, Peterborough, Nottingham & Milton Keynes studios.

  • 45 to 60 minute consultation
  • Foot/Ankle assessment
  • Custom footbeds

Our Bike Fitting Team

Uldis Karklins

Expert Bike Fitter

Road Cycling expert Uldis has cycled for Latvia and is a UCI elite cyclist. Uldis has joined us to bring even more high-level experience to the Rutland team, having worked in some of London's big name brand stores and road cycling specialists. A bike fit session with Uldis allows you to benefit from his profound road experience and hours in the saddle to get maximum comfort and optimum performance on your bike.

Phil Craddock

Expert Bike Fitter

As a member of the International Bike Fitting Institute, Phil has extensive experience of bike fit from complete beginner to pro rider, helping riders with a range of issues from injury prevention, stability, comfort and performance. As a keen road rider having 30+ years' experience of road, track and TT racing to national level Phil draws on his skills and experience to empower riders, improving performance and comfort and helping them to ride further and enjoy their cycling more.
Qualifications: IBFI Level 2. Retul Fit Level 1 & 2. Retul Futbed. Specialized BG Fit Level 1. Trek Precision Level 1. British Cycling Ride Leader Level 1.