Commuting with E-Bikes

A Buyers Guide to E-Bike Commuting.

Electric Bikes for Commuting

Is it cheating to use an E-bike?

Why would you want to commute on an electric bike? Well, call us biased, but we reckon the electric bike is the best form of personal transport ever created. Sure, cars are great, but they have their place - and it's not transporting a single person at 10mph surrounded by hundreds of others. Electric bikes are clean, green, and incredibly cheap to run. So set yourself free with an e-bike and get fitter, spend less, save the planet, and best of all - be happy!

Depending on the terrain of your ride into work, you'll likely need either a hybrid e-bike, or an e-mountain bike. If you're riding mainly on tarmac, then a lightweight hybrid e-bike with slick tyres and rigid forks will see you rolling nice and fast along the roads; if your route takes in muddy paths or unpaved roads, you may prefer a hybrid with a suspension fork, or even a hardtail e-mountain bike, with wider tyres and more suspension than a hybrid bike. For added convenience, choose an e-bike equipped with mudguards, pannier racks, lights and a lock, so you're all set to go!

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Good for you. Even better for the planet.

It'll come as no surprise that when compared to other commuting methods, the electric bike is the cleanest and least harmful to the environment. It's hard to believe, but your e-bike motor's power could be more eco-friendly than you! When comparing the relative emissions of an electric motor versus a person consuming a modern western diet - including all the transport, farming and packaging of that food - the effect on the environment is worse than clean electricity. Consider yourself shocked!

Enjoy a healthier lifestyle

Don't throw away all your beloved foods just yet though, as despite the hype of 'cheating' circulating around 'real' cyclists, you're still going to get a solid workout on your e-bike, as the assistance is just that - assistance. No pedal, no juice. Using an electric bike results in just a 20% drop in calorie consumption, so you'll still burn around 400-450 calories every hour you ride, and as studies show, you'll ride more often on an e-bike. Are you thinking what we're thinking? Yes - you can have your cake and eat it!

Ride more, do more, sweat less

Studies have shown that riding an e-bike makes you fitter than a standard bike. Odd, we know, but the truth is that if your cycling is easier and doesn't work up a sweat, yet still gets you around at a steady pace, you're more likely to ride everywhere.

The power assistance of an e-bike isn't just for speed. If you're lugging a heavy load of shopping, the motor will be your new best friend. Most importantly, with an electric bike you'll work at a more constant level, so there are no more sweat-fuelled power sessions every time there is an incline.

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Is it cheating to use an E-bike?

Save Money

Did you say save money?

Yes! In fact, of all the many benefits of e-bikes, saving you money is one of the easiest to quantify. Compared with public transport and using a car, electric bikes can save you major bucks on your daily commute - and any other trips you make, too. Our conservative estimate below shows a saving of £1,500 a year vs. driving a car to work:

  Average Car Average E-Bike
Road Tax £175 £0
Insurance £806 £0
MOT £60 £0
Fuel £0.1419/mile £0.0015/mile
Commute Miles/year 3300 miles 3300 miles
Total Annual Cost £1509.27 £4.95
Total Saving - £1504.32
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Arrive at work happy

Is it cheating to use an E-bike?

As you may already know from bitter experience, public transport can be a stressful experience - frequent delays, missed connections, overcrowding and a big monthly outlay, even with an Oyster Card or season ticket. Outside the big cities, public transport can be patchy at best.

The next solution people generally turn to is a car, but with an average petrol car costing 14.19p every mile just on fuel, plus insurance, road tax and MOT, it soon adds up. Not to mention increasing congestion on the roads, causing delays and making you stressed before you've even arrived at the office.

Compare that with a gentle pedal to and from work every day, enjoying some fresh air and exercise, with space and time to think - sounds pretty appealing, doesn't it?

If you're lucky, you could do away with a car completely with the help of an e-bike, or simply go from 2 cars to 1 in your household.

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Costs of an e-bike

We're not going to lie, electric bikes aren't completely free from costs. Compared with a standard bike, they are a more expensive choice. You’ll eventually need to replace the battery (normally after a couple of years), and there is a small electricity cost to recharge the battery (under £5 a year for an average user). But these costs stack up very favourably with running a car, or using public transport, especially when you also factor in the health benefits of cycling into work.

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Is it cheating to use an E-bike?