Specialized Turbo Levo | Everything you need to know on the new 2022 models!

Words by Will Crump

on 23/03/2021 17:00:00


Everything you need to know on the new, Specialized Turbo levo

5 hours of juice, 4x rider amplification and a Mullet conversion - the Generation 3 Specialized Turbo Levo has been redesigned to set the standard for E-MTBs. Offering a stable and natural ride, the Levo provides you with a progressive geometry paired with 160/150mm travel and a sophisticated, powerful motor system which turns out 565Watts of power and a staggering peak of 90Nm of torque according to Specialized!

Not only does the new Levo pack a hell of a punch when it comes to its specification, it is also capable of undergoing several geometry adjustment settings so you can set your Levo up to your riding preference. Furthermore, the Turbo Levo range also sees the introduction of �S-sizing� which allows riders to pick a bike that suits both their size and their riding style which makes this bike feel comfortable, naturally stable yet powerful.

Overview -

Discipline: Mountain Cycling

Usage: All round E-MTB

Battery options: 700Wh or 500Wh


  • - 6 Adjustable geometry settings
  • - 160/150mm suspension travel
  • - Introduction of S-sizing
  • - A mullet (29� front, 27.5� rear)
  • - 700Wh battery paired with 90Nm motor
  • - NEW: MasterMind Turbo Control Unit + Mission Control pairing
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Adjustable Geometry -


Much like the Specialized Stumpjumper Evo, the Turbo Levo mountain bike can have its geometry adjusted for different places, riders and conditions. With 6 different adjustable settings, you can rock up to the bike park and be confident that you've chosen the correct bike for the job. Starting at the front end, the head angle can be adjusted from 65.5 degrees to 63 degrees depending on your preferences.

Alongside the head angle being adjustable, riders have the option to raise or lower their bottom brackets by 7mm thanks to an ingenious flip chip system located on the Horst Pivot. Raising your BB not only dramatically decreases your chances of a rock strike but will make your bike feel a lot more nimble in comparison to a lower BB which fits the long, low, slack and stable brief.

RX Tuned Suspension and Kinematics -


Rx Tuned suspension in simple terms is a way of making the suspension perform more efficiently, smoother and comfier. By generating specific suspension valving, the team at Specialized have ensured that the suspension works in such a way that it can generate speed all whilst keeping the bike stable, comfortable and responsive. All of this engineering combined makes the Specialized Turbo Levo a bike that deals with small bumps and big jumps like a boss - as if it were a bike with more travel.

Having borrowed the Stumpjumper EVO's leverage rate and tweaked it slightly to match the Levo, the rider can experience small bump sensitivity, mid stroke support followed by complete control when sending the bigger stuff at the bike parks. These forces combined allows you to concentrate on sending it large whilst the bike will get down to the nitty gritty of it.

What is S sizing?


S-sizing is new to the Levo range but has been introduced in many of the previous ranges of bikes such as the Stumpjumper and the Turbo Kenevo. Getting your head around S-sizing is actually a lot easier than it sounds - you determine what size is best for you on your rider size and riding style.

Typically, if you previously rode a Medium sized frame you would be size S3 based on your height. However, the difference with S sizing is that if you prefer a more playful riding style you might be better suited on an S2 or if you prefer a more stable ride then an S4 maybe be up your street.

A modern mullet machine

In order for the Levo to achieve short rear chainstays the whole geometry has been designed around a 27.5 inch wheel at the rear - having a smaller rear wheel allows for the bike to become more nimble. The 29er wheel upfront will provide you with traction and control whilst the rear will come into its own when it comes to playfulness out of the berms.

This Modern Mountain Mullet feels at home on the local trails and in the bike parks making it the perfect, all round, full suspension, E-MTB!

The electronics -


Equipped with a refined full power system 2.2 Motor, the Gen 3 Levo can produce 90Nm of torque across the whole range which is plentiful for a day of exploring. The refined 2.2 Motor has been equipped with a robust belt that has increased the durability of the motor significantly alongside a new firmware which delivers your power efficiently and more naturally.

To ensure that the motor stays water resistant, a new hatch and improved battery cover has been fitted that is sealed with a quarter turn lock and seal, to keep the moisture out. A new main harness has also been fitted which has a sole purpose of keeping water out to increase reliability - it does think thanks to 3 seals. Overall, the Specialized Levo has also withstood testing of �around 5,000km� of riding, in the UK, and was found to have no signs of water within the electronic systems.

Across the carbon models, the Levo's are fitted with 700Wh batteries which can provide �up to 70km� of riding, depending on different variables. Having 700Wh of battery at your disposal is often more than enough to keep you out all day. In other models of the Specialized Levo, a 500Wh battery has been equipped to keep the weight and price down - this means that there is a Levo for everyone to enjoy!

Mastermind TCU-


To match the motor and battery system, the Generation 3 Specialized Levo has been equipped with a new �Mastermind TCU� which is a big advancement over older models of TCU. The Mastermind TCU has been equipped with a display that clearly shows the rider, battery life, what mode they're riding in and how they can get more efficient power output. The unit also has the option to pair and record your heart rate, elevation and power to give you a starting platform to improve your training from!

Furthermore, the TCU's interface can be customisable using the Specialized Mission Control app so you can refine what you view on your rides to what is most important to you. The TCU also contains a new option with route planned smart control through the use of Komoot which takes your exploration to the next level thanks to ANT+ and BT communication. The Mastermind TCU will be available on all Carbon Models of the Levo but not currently available on the aluminium models.

Alongside the new software and LCD interface, Specialized have also equipped the Mastermind TCU with an alarm and anti-theft option (if the bike is registered) which will keep your mind at ease when you can't always be next to it!

The models: a family breakdown -


Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo 2022 Carbon, Full Suspension, E-MTB

With a potent mix of motor assist, a lightweight carbon chassis, tough suspension and considered geometry, Specialized's 2022 S-Works Turbo Levo e-MTB bike will make for unbelievable trail rides. The seamless integration of the Turbo Levo motor, battery and controller can't be found anywhere else.

  • Frame - FACT 11m full carbon, fully internal cable routing, 148mm spacing, 150mm travel
  • Fork - FOX FLOAT 38 Factory 29, Grip2 damper, 44mm offset, 160mm travel, 110x15mm, Kashima
  • Shock - FOX FLOAT DX2 Factory, LSC, LSR, 2-position lever, 55x210mm, Kashima, 150mm
  • Drivetrain - SRAM XX1 Eagle, 12-speed
  • Brakes - Magura MT7 with custom Loic lever blade, 203mm
  • Motor - Turbo 2.2
  • Battery - Specialized M3-700, Integrated Battery, 700Wh, SBC-B22.
  • Display - Specialized TCU2 with MicroTune adjustment
£12,999.99 - Shop now

Specialized Turbo Levo Pro 2022 Carbon, Full suspension, E-MTB

With the Levo's integrated motor / controller system comes a 700Wh battery. There's massive power delivered up to 15.5mph which means you can tackle your favourite ascent faster and with a quarter of the effort.

  • Frame - FACT 11m full carbon, fully internal cable routing, 148mm spacing, 150mm travel
  • Fork - FOX FLOAT 38 Factory 29, Grip2 damper, 44mm offset, 160mm travel, Kashima
  • Shock - FOX FLOAT X2 Factory, LSC, LSR, 2-position lever, 55x210mm, Kashima
  • Drivetrain - SRAM X01 Eagle, 12-speed
  • Brakes - SRAM Code RSC, 4-piston caliper, hydraulic disc, S1-S3: 200mm, S4-S6: 220mm
  • Motor - Turbo 2.2
  • Battery - Specialized M3-700, Integrated Battery, 700Wh, SBC-B22
  • Display - Specialized TCU2 with MicroTune adjustment
£10,749.99 - Shop now
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