Specialized Mission Control | Tune your E-bike to suit your ride

Words by Will Crump

on 07/04/2021 16:40:00


Imagine having the power to fine tune your ride to suit your personal riding style? With the Specialized Mission Control app you have full control and endless capabilities for enhancing your Specialized electric bike. With the ability to record rides, diagnose your e-bike and customise your settings alongside many other features, the Specialized Mission control app is a game changer in the world of Electric bikes.

Available on both IOS and Android devices, the Specialized Mission Control app effortlessly connects to your Turbo-equipped bike and can work in conjunction with your onboard TCU (Turbo Connect Unit) so you can really get the most out of every ride. In this blog, we'll take you through the features on the mobile app and how it can benefit your ride as well as where you can find the app, how to get set up and how to track rides.


Getting started

Downloading the app is easy - on either the Apple store or Google Play search for �Specialized Mission Control� . Once the app has been downloaded, installed and opened, you are met with a login page which asks for an email and password.

If this is your first Specialized electric bike, press �Sign up� and enter your details to create your own Specialized rider account. Once you have registered and logged in once, your app will remember your credentials to ensure that your next time using the app on a ride is an effortless and smooth experience. If you are an existing Specialized Mission Control user and you're transferring to the updated app, follow the process of entering your email and password and you will be in straight away.



How do I connect my app to my Specialized Turbo bike?

Connecting your Mission Control app to your Specialized Turbo bike is also a simple and easy process. After downloading the app and logging in, ensure that your phone's bluetooth connection is turned on as well as turning on your �Turbo� bike. Once both have been switched on, in the apps �Settings� tab select �MY BIKES� and click on your bikes serial number. You should be able to locate your bike's serial number on your frame.

For added security on newer models, you may be asked to enter a pairing code and once that has been verified, you will never have to select your bike again. After your first connection, your app should automatically connect for an effortless experience on your electric bike.

What can I tune on my Specialized E-bike?


Using the Specialized Mission Control app, the rider has the options to adjust the level support, peak power and rate of acceleration in each of the 3 different modes (ECO, TRAIL and TURBO).

How does this work? Say if you wanted to ride over a long distance so you realistically need to get the most out of your battery, you can create an economical preset where the power given in that mode isn't as high as it could potentially be. This will extend your battery life over further miles but it will mean that you have to push a tiny bit harder up the hills. On the contrary, you could have another premade preset that is used for harsh climbs allowing you to get full use out of the battery and the motor to flatten the hills.

Alternatively, you have the option to use the �Smart Control� feature which allows the app to tune the motor and battery performance for you based on two variable factors: �How far do you want to ride?� and �How long do you want to ride for?�. If you are unsure as to whether you will have enough battery juice to get home, simply enter how far you need to travel and let the computer's algorithms get you there.

How do I get a health check on my electric bike?

Within the app, you have the option to perform a health check on your Specialized electric bike which lets you know how well your motorised system is performing over time. When you first press on the �Diagnose� tab you're met with all the general information about your bike such as; an overall health status, odometer reading, battery capacity, motor settings and display settings.

How do I record my rides?

On the latest version of the Mission Control app, Specialized have made it so your recorded cycling data can link up to other third party apps - such as Strava - so you can track and record your progress. By turning on �Auto start active�, Mission Control can sense when you start a ride and automatically start recording or you can manually record rides by pressing �Ride� on the home screen. However, in order for the tracking to work, you need to take your phone with you and keep bluetooth on so your bike software and the App can continue feeding each other information.


Another feature available to you is that you can turn your phone into an onboard display screen that will give you all the information you need about your ride such as battery life, distance, speed and time plus much more. You have all the power to customise what data you wish to view as you ride. Once you've finished your ride simply press the �stop� button and your ride data will be stored within the app as well as uploaded to Strava or Komoot.

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